Just a girl and her demons.

'ELENA' is a personal film about making peace with the darkest parts of yourself.

Ultimately everyone has different ideas of normal, and when you're the only one who didn't speak English in Pre-K you are immediately not normal. I navigated childhood on the edge of everything, always insecure and anxious, almost as if I was haunted...by myself.

So I took all these suppressed feelings and made a film about it, as a form of therapy and in hopes that other people can identify with Elena too.

Being the writer, director, and director of photography can be tricky. I needed to communicate my vision to the camera operator, production designer/art director, gaffer, producer, and the rest of the crew. For each film I make I create a look book, this specific one has mood boards, framing ideas/rules, lighting references, and color palettes that correlate to certain parts of the film.

My lookbook for ELENA can be found here.